Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You Make Me Wanna Say..

I do...

We are soon approaching the four month mark and I am amazed at what we have established thus far. I am absolutely in love with you in every way. I've never felt this way before. Never been happier in my life. I thank the Lord for you every single day and night. I no longer desire the finer or bigger things in life. I don't care for a big rock or a fancy wedding. You've changed the way I view life so much for the better. Our love is all I need...all I want.
Though we have quite a bit of time before marriage is even in the picture, I can so see us spending our lives together.

I'm stupid crazy excited for what's in store for us. I love you baby!


mimi said...

i'm so happy for you huong!!! ^_^

Phamtastic said...

Thank you Mimi! I'm grateful for the support!!! I hope all is well on your end!