Wednesday, March 7, 2012

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Monday, November 21, 2011

If you saw the world thru God's eyes...

you would see past the shame.
you would see past the pain.
you would see past the anger.
you would see past the hatred.
and all you would see instead is love.

Those divine moments in life, where you feel such intense peace and clarity. Moments where the world finally all made sense to you, regardless of the pain and suffering that exist within it. Moments so rare in nature, yet so pure and memorable, it changes the way you view the world in its entirety forever.

The realization that evil and good must co-exist. A battle so necessary, a balance so crucial, it makes the world go round. However, what you ultimately decide to feel in your heart is yours to choose. And you may not always feel compassion and love at first, you may feel pain, shame, and hate. Yet that journey you take, the one that teaches you patience..the one that teaches you to love...the one that teaches you to understand, that journey will leave you as a person you have never imagined yourself capable.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Before the New Beginning

I guess I just want to give a review of the things I've learned in the last couple of months.

Never regret meeting anyone because every person that enters your life will somehow leave a mark no matter how large or small. Everyone you meet plays a role in shaping you so appreciate their very existence.

There are very few people who can view you objectively, many whom will view you subjectively. For the most part, people will choose to see good things in you. Once in a while, you'll bump into a few people that will see the opposite. There's nothing you can do because their eyes are their own and what they choose to see is their choice. It can be frustrating when you feel like you've done no wrong and you've tried so hard to get them to see otherwise, but accept it and move on. There are plenty others out there that will adore you as you are.

 Many will enter your life, some will truly love you, if only temporary. Enjoy it while you can, be thankful when it's gone. Hostility and bitterness won't bring them back. The love you should focus on is the love given by family. Though sometimes shaky and rocky, they always stand the testament of tribulations and time. The only non-blood related person that may earn that kind of love in your lifetime is your spouse. Therefore, choose wisely.

Time oddly reveals everything. The delusion you've created in your mind to protect yourself or others. In time, it will vanish and reality becomes clear. You can try to lie to yourself and make yourself love someone. You can try to lie and tell yourself you don't. True feelings can only hide for so long. Be honest with yourself and hopefully no one gets hurt. Sometimes that's just unavoidable...

 Before you throw the blame on others, you must first assess yourself. More common than not, you will find that you were equally as wrong. Both parties usually play a part, own up to it. Either mend the problem or accept it and move on.

When we talk of our own accomplishments, let's not belittle how others choose to live. Their life is their own, let their journey be filled with their own stories of struggle and defeat. You do you, hold your head high, and be proud. No need to step on others along the way.Your success is great for you, good job, you deserve a gold star. But talking about other people's lack of success doesn't make you any more successful.

The people that talk big are the people that don't know shit. I often find that the people worth listening to are really humble because they themselves believe they have a lot to learn. So if you feel as if someone is forcing 'knowledge' through your ears....RUN.

Overall, focus on yourself more than others. Focus on improving your life...don't worry about others. Let other people do whatever the hell they want to do. Bon Qui Qui from 5 blocks down the street who just got knocked up does not concern you. Solomon Roe who just failed English 2000 does not concern you. Your next door neighbor who just bought a new car does not concern you. Victoria Sanchez who got a boob job does not concern you. People's news are theirs to tell, so keep their names out of your mouth.  You just do you...

I hope this has help.. just a few things I've learned and I've got so much more to learn...

Also a video that will explain why you need to get rid of shitty people in your life... NOW.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Distant Memory

Ah's been quite a while since I've posted anything. And to be utterly honest, the posts will soon cease in existence. This blog was created about a year ago. From breakups to hookups and everything in between, I have recorded all of my memories here. All of my feelings, thoughts, experiences, poured into typographic font on the screen for the world to see. These memories, so cherished and valued at the time, somehow became a part of a distant past...all these memories soon transpired into a distant memory. Memories holding on for dear life that will soon disappear with the hands of time. Memories that will soon be forgotten.

Every new day makes us a new person.

The last year has been very special, extraordinary, and, ultimately, over.

Today a new chapter of my life begins. I have moved on and those memories and all whom were in it will soon vanish.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hate in My Heart

I try to spend little time as possible thinking about people's hate and negative energy directed towards me. From the beginning, my intention was never to promote a blog filled with hatred. And yet as of recent, I feel the inclination, the desire, the urge to seriously give all these fuckers my two cents. A close friend always told me it's easy to be at peace on a mountain in a far away land, but it's the ultimate test to be at peace in a busy New York City street.. something like that...

I've been keeping my distance from all the negativity and it's given me much peace but realistically there are times the negativity seems inescapable.

It's easy to love sweet, caring, loving people, which was why I always promoted the idea that one should surround themselves with people as such. However, the ultimate test for that beating heart of mine (and yours) is encountering the people in life that aren't as pleasant.

I admit, I feel much hatred in my heart but this is a challenge I'm willing to accept. I hope this experience will teach me the art of forgiveness and to love all, even those who deserve it the least.

 I hope you will also take the time in your life to grow love instead of hate. Please take the journey with me, I don't want to take it alone. If there is room for anger and hate, surely we can make room for love and peace.

After some reflection, I realized how patient and tolerant I became after dealing with these types of people for months. On my good days, I am able to treat them with courtesy without expecting anything in return. Not to say I don't have my bad days where I ignore them all together. Overtime, I have found it easier to treat them well regardless of their actions.

Wish me luck! I've come too far to regress or crack! Got to move forward...always moving forward...must keep going!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Stuck Like Glue

"Stuck on and me baby...we're stuck like glue." 

Dropped off some food to the old man while he was at work today and as we were saying our farewells, he gave my hand a sweet little peck. There is just something so wholesome and innocent about a kiss on the hand. You can imagine I was smiling from the inside out. I am obsessed with him! Absolutely amazed by this love-a love so unfathomable, completely indescribable, and totally un-understandable.

I feel like jumping obnoxiously on a trampoline so I reach to the sky and give God a hug! A hug so grand to thank him for blessing me with this wonderful life.

Hope everyone out there is having a blessed day! Go tan in the sun, skip around in your underwear, eat some frozen yogurt, whatever your heart desires!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it." 
                                                                                                 Audrey Hepburn

Caught Off Guard

Man my reflexes are slow...

Today I had a meeting with Dr. Eubanks (one of the head guys for the admission committee at LSUHSC). For some reason I thought I met him before so I was expecting a familiar face, but no.. out walks this short sweet looking man calling my name and I didn't know what to say.

"Nice to see you again Huong."
Be prepared for my ultimate fail...I stared at him and after a moment of silence. "Nice to meet you."
I was so confused I couldn't even play it off!

Well, we awkwardly entered his office and the meeting began. After a while, I eventually warmed up to him and my usual silly self was out again- in a good way.
Not much improvement needed for next year's application.
-More patient contact

Not much else was said besides positive remarks. Obviously, I'm an exceptional applicant aside from the one thing that's stopping me from MY DREAM!!! DARN YOU MCAT!!

Good news is I have plenty of time to prepare.

Hopefully I'll get in for the fall, but acceptance is definitely within reach for next year's round.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

You Make It Easier When Life Gets Hard

So as of recent, I have been placed on a waitlist- meaning NOT ACCEPTED (yet). Surprisingly I took it pretty well. Though hopeful, I kind of saw it coming. I imagine it would have been much harder to handle if I didn't have this one main component in my life- the old man! Moms were there to kiss our booboos as a child, unfortunately those kisses don't have the same effect anymore. As we grow older, we learn to depend on ourselves at some low point in our lives when there was no shoulder to lean on. And then, something lovely happens, this special someone will somehow enter your life and make the hard days instantly easier. Tears will be wiped, wounds will be healed, old scars will disappear. The worst of days become bearable and bad news manageable.

As cliche as this sounds... it's simply the truth...because at the end of the day, you have each other and that's enough. More than enough, the love you share will give you strength to keep fighting, to keep living, to keep going-no matter the circumstances.

Your lover will become your life adviser, your guidance counselor, your spiritual mentor, your therapist, your partner in crime, at times your punching bag, and ultimately your best friend.

Life was great while on your own, bu life is grand with your special someone.

 He totally agrees... lol... 8)

So let the intense studying begin, even if I don't get in this year, IT WON'T BE THE LAST OF ME LSU-NEW ORLEANS!!!