Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Distant Memory

Ah yes...it's been quite a while since I've posted anything. And to be utterly honest, the posts will soon cease in existence. This blog was created about a year ago. From breakups to hookups and everything in between, I have recorded all of my memories here. All of my feelings, thoughts, experiences, poured into typographic font on the screen for the world to see. These memories, so cherished and valued at the time, somehow became a part of a distant past...all these memories soon transpired into a distant memory. Memories holding on for dear life that will soon disappear with the hands of time. Memories that will soon be forgotten.

Every new day makes us a new person.

The last year has been very special, extraordinary, and, ultimately, over.

Today a new chapter of my life begins. I have moved on and those memories and all whom were in it will soon vanish.


MaiZer said...

Aye, I miss you, yeah.

Phamtastic said...

I miss you too love!! How's life treating you after graduation!?