Monday, November 21, 2011

If you saw the world thru God's eyes...

you would see past the shame.
you would see past the pain.
you would see past the anger.
you would see past the hatred.
and all you would see instead is love.

Those divine moments in life, where you feel such intense peace and clarity. Moments where the world finally all made sense to you, regardless of the pain and suffering that exist within it. Moments so rare in nature, yet so pure and memorable, it changes the way you view the world in its entirety forever.

The realization that evil and good must co-exist. A battle so necessary, a balance so crucial, it makes the world go round. However, what you ultimately decide to feel in your heart is yours to choose. And you may not always feel compassion and love at first, you may feel pain, shame, and hate. Yet that journey you take, the one that teaches you patience..the one that teaches you to love...the one that teaches you to understand, that journey will leave you as a person you have never imagined yourself capable.

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