Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hate in My Heart

I try to spend little time as possible thinking about people's hate and negative energy directed towards me. From the beginning, my intention was never to promote a blog filled with hatred. And yet as of recent, I feel the inclination, the desire, the urge to seriously give all these fuckers my two cents. A close friend always told me it's easy to be at peace on a mountain in a far away land, but it's the ultimate test to be at peace in a busy New York City street.. something like that...

I've been keeping my distance from all the negativity and it's given me much peace but realistically there are times the negativity seems inescapable.

It's easy to love sweet, caring, loving people, which was why I always promoted the idea that one should surround themselves with people as such. However, the ultimate test for that beating heart of mine (and yours) is encountering the people in life that aren't as pleasant.

I admit, I feel much hatred in my heart but this is a challenge I'm willing to accept. I hope this experience will teach me the art of forgiveness and to love all, even those who deserve it the least.

 I hope you will also take the time in your life to grow love instead of hate. Please take the journey with me, I don't want to take it alone. If there is room for anger and hate, surely we can make room for love and peace.

After some reflection, I realized how patient and tolerant I became after dealing with these types of people for months. On my good days, I am able to treat them with courtesy without expecting anything in return. Not to say I don't have my bad days where I ignore them all together. Overtime, I have found it easier to treat them well regardless of their actions.

Wish me luck! I've come too far to regress or crack! Got to move forward...always moving forward...must keep going!!


Rose said...

COUNT ME IN! :D GO GO GO! :) Best wishes on your journey!!!

Phamtastic said...

8D! Awesome!! Thanks for your support and good luck to us both!!