Thursday, August 11, 2011

Before the New Beginning

I guess I just want to give a review of the things I've learned in the last couple of months.

Never regret meeting anyone because every person that enters your life will somehow leave a mark no matter how large or small. Everyone you meet plays a role in shaping you so appreciate their very existence.

There are very few people who can view you objectively, many whom will view you subjectively. For the most part, people will choose to see good things in you. Once in a while, you'll bump into a few people that will see the opposite. There's nothing you can do because their eyes are their own and what they choose to see is their choice. It can be frustrating when you feel like you've done no wrong and you've tried so hard to get them to see otherwise, but accept it and move on. There are plenty others out there that will adore you as you are.

 Many will enter your life, some will truly love you, if only temporary. Enjoy it while you can, be thankful when it's gone. Hostility and bitterness won't bring them back. The love you should focus on is the love given by family. Though sometimes shaky and rocky, they always stand the testament of tribulations and time. The only non-blood related person that may earn that kind of love in your lifetime is your spouse. Therefore, choose wisely.

Time oddly reveals everything. The delusion you've created in your mind to protect yourself or others. In time, it will vanish and reality becomes clear. You can try to lie to yourself and make yourself love someone. You can try to lie and tell yourself you don't. True feelings can only hide for so long. Be honest with yourself and hopefully no one gets hurt. Sometimes that's just unavoidable...

 Before you throw the blame on others, you must first assess yourself. More common than not, you will find that you were equally as wrong. Both parties usually play a part, own up to it. Either mend the problem or accept it and move on.

When we talk of our own accomplishments, let's not belittle how others choose to live. Their life is their own, let their journey be filled with their own stories of struggle and defeat. You do you, hold your head high, and be proud. No need to step on others along the way.Your success is great for you, good job, you deserve a gold star. But talking about other people's lack of success doesn't make you any more successful.

The people that talk big are the people that don't know shit. I often find that the people worth listening to are really humble because they themselves believe they have a lot to learn. So if you feel as if someone is forcing 'knowledge' through your ears....RUN.

Overall, focus on yourself more than others. Focus on improving your life...don't worry about others. Let other people do whatever the hell they want to do. Bon Qui Qui from 5 blocks down the street who just got knocked up does not concern you. Solomon Roe who just failed English 2000 does not concern you. Your next door neighbor who just bought a new car does not concern you. Victoria Sanchez who got a boob job does not concern you. People's news are theirs to tell, so keep their names out of your mouth.  You just do you...

I hope this has help.. just a few things I've learned and I've got so much more to learn...

Also a video that will explain why you need to get rid of shitty people in your life... NOW.


Rose said...

awesome clip! lol

Phamtastic said...

he's wonderful!! You should listen to his other stuff... lol

It's like zen teachings with just the right amount of profanity.

MaiZer said...

LOVE this post!