Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Caught Off Guard

Man my reflexes are slow...

Today I had a meeting with Dr. Eubanks (one of the head guys for the admission committee at LSUHSC). For some reason I thought I met him before so I was expecting a familiar face, but no.. out walks this short sweet looking man calling my name and I didn't know what to say.

"Nice to see you again Huong."
Be prepared for my ultimate fail...I stared at him and after a moment of silence. "Nice to meet you."
I was so confused I couldn't even play it off!

Well, we awkwardly entered his office and the meeting began. After a while, I eventually warmed up to him and my usual silly self was out again- in a good way.
Not much improvement needed for next year's application.
-More patient contact

Not much else was said besides positive remarks. Obviously, I'm an exceptional applicant aside from the one thing that's stopping me from MY DREAM!!! DARN YOU MCAT!!

Good news is I have plenty of time to prepare.

Hopefully I'll get in for the fall, but acceptance is definitely within reach for next year's round.

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