Saturday, May 14, 2011

You Make It Easier When Life Gets Hard

So as of recent, I have been placed on a waitlist- meaning NOT ACCEPTED (yet). Surprisingly I took it pretty well. Though hopeful, I kind of saw it coming. I imagine it would have been much harder to handle if I didn't have this one main component in my life- the old man! Moms were there to kiss our booboos as a child, unfortunately those kisses don't have the same effect anymore. As we grow older, we learn to depend on ourselves at some low point in our lives when there was no shoulder to lean on. And then, something lovely happens, this special someone will somehow enter your life and make the hard days instantly easier. Tears will be wiped, wounds will be healed, old scars will disappear. The worst of days become bearable and bad news manageable.

As cliche as this sounds... it's simply the truth...because at the end of the day, you have each other and that's enough. More than enough, the love you share will give you strength to keep fighting, to keep living, to keep going-no matter the circumstances.

Your lover will become your life adviser, your guidance counselor, your spiritual mentor, your therapist, your partner in crime, at times your punching bag, and ultimately your best friend.

Life was great while on your own, bu life is grand with your special someone.

 He totally agrees... lol... 8)

So let the intense studying begin, even if I don't get in this year, IT WON'T BE THE LAST OF ME LSU-NEW ORLEANS!!!


mimi said...

hehe. you and him are adorable! girl, no matter what happens..keep it going and going strong! you got this!

Phamtastic said...

Thanks Mimi, please pray for me!! lol I feel fortunate to get waitlisted because I know people that didn't even get that far.