Tuesday, October 12, 2010


If I had offer words of wisdom, it would be to "be kind and be grateful..."
Life is much easier and pleasant when we are caring and kind to others. The people around us will feel important/loved and the smiles on their faces will warm our little hearts as well. Be kind, it's the right thing to do...we all know it. We just need to take the initiative. Be kind. Don't let your pride or ego take over. Don't hurt others to protect yourself. Be kind.
And no matter how hard life gets, every breath you take should not be taken for granted. Be satisfied and grateful for what you have. Stop searching, stop missing, stop yearning...simply appreciate all that you have.

The soft cool wind that blew my hair today, the sun rays that beamed upon me, the oxygen I inhaled...I shared it all with others. I did not claim it as my own. I simply appreciated the world around me. I did not ask for the wind or sun, I did not have to ask for mother's love. I did not have to ask for brother's love. It was all given to me and they never asked for anything in return. The least I can do is appreciate.

Also, when you run into something grand and beautiful in life, you may desire to possess it. But it's better left just appreciated...because when one gains, another will lose. Therefore, do not wish to keep the beauty to yourself, do not wish to claim it your own, do not selfishly store it away. Instead, appreciate the mere existence of it and share it with the world...

Similarly, when you meet someone absolutely breath-taking and amazing, do not wish to keep them to yourself. They have so much to offer the world, let them shine continuously. Just appreciate having met them. Value them, cherish them, admire them. Be not jealous when others see what you see. For anything beautiful in life should be shared...8)


Rose said...

well said little grasshopper! hahaa ^__^

Phamtastic said...

teeheehee!! Aren't you so proud of little grasshopper!?! 8)