Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Earth Provides..

is it too much to ask that we take care of her in return?

I think we all forget at times to recognize and appreciate the wonderful place we call home...Earth. For it's nurturing tendencies, I'll refer to Earth as female. Most certainly, she tends to our every need, our survival, our very existence. She is placed at a perfect distant from the Sun that makes life possible for us. She is the soil from which our food grows. She is the air in which we breathe. She is the wood infrastructure that supports our home.

Yet what have we as modern 21st century 'welcome to the good life' seekers given her? We have polluted her air with our pretty cars. We have extensively plowed her soil and stripped her of her nutrients. We have cleared her forests. We create plastic islands in the ocean.

She gives us so this how a species that consider themselves the most intelligent of all species  repay her?

Today, I witnessed a beautiful human being. As I study by a window in a nearby coffee shop, I saw a lady bending over, stooping low, and picking up the trash that everyone else seems to ignore. It was such a beautiful sight. She didn't change the world by shouting at people. She didn't change the world by passing our brochures. She didn't change the world by pronouncing herself as an activist or wearing a 'go green' tshirt. She changed the world by giving back. She changed the world with her own actions. She changed the world by 'doing it herself.' I found it so admirable I shyly tapped her on the shoulder and thanked her for her efforts.

You can't stop the forest clearing. You can't stop the mass production of agriculture. You can't stop the big corporations from spewing pollutants. That's silly. Who are you to think you can? You can't.
But you can pick up after yourself. You can pick up the trash in your neighborhoods, your schools, your local environment. You can appreciate Mother Earth. You can love her...just as she has cared and loved you.. 8)

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