Sunday, October 17, 2010

First Love

"I'll let you fly because I know in my heart,babe, our love will never die..." 

My mother always told me... you will never forget your first love. It seems silly because we all know eventually we'll start dating other people and one day we'll even get married to the love of our life. Yet deep down, we just know our first true love will never be forgotten. It will be stored in a special place in our heart and taken out when we want to reminisce on our sweet innocent years..8)
The love notes, the dried flowers, the cards, the homemade gifts.. though I've physicaly trashed them somewhere along the way...
I  still remember all the little sweet innocent things we did for one another. Whether it's sharing an egg sandwich underneath the stars... or him saying hello outside my window at night fearing that my mother will wake. Those memories, they just will never fade.

We ridiculously love one another, but we're both going through times of change and growth. This separation is necessary for our own good. When you truly love someone, you will gladly let go and let them fly.

I fully support his journey and all he wishes to accomplish in life. I know that no matter what happens, we'll have each others' backs. The love we share is beyond what I can expect from my first love...8)

Cheers to us! May the Lord watch over us as we go on our journey to discover what the world has to offer us...


mimi said...

amazing post! this is so weird...girl you be reading my mind all the time! hahaha...that song i literally tagged it as that song for my first love as well.

its all so very true with what your mom will honestly never forget... =)...

one day my child will ask me who was my first love. I guarantee i will sit there for hours talking about him....amazing shit

Phamtastic said...

8) I guess we're going thru the same thing right now!! Teeheehee!! I can't even imagine all you'll have to share with your children b/c you and him definitely had quite a few years up your almost a decade!! I'm glad to know you feel the same..meaning there aren't any harsh feelings...8)

How are you by the way!?!?

mimi said...

we really are going through pretty much the same thing =)

i can't imagine what i will have to scary thought!...i am glad it wasn't a whole decade. i think i would of shot myself. lol

i am great! got a doctor appt next tuesday. I plan to hit up the CCO in houston..splurge a little..lets hope my mom is generous hehe.

after this appt. i have a feeling that i'm good to go. GAME ON with everything!!

how art thou?

Phamtastic said...

Lucky!! Well I get to visit a CCO this weekend too so I can't complain myself 8)
Let me know how your doctor appointment goes!! I hope I hear nothing but good news!!
I'm great! Back on track with school thank God..and just living life. Enjoying the breaths I take 8)

Rose said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^___^ ur post made me happy...cause I always love to hear you guys growing...but never growing apart! Isn't life great when you don't have to force things? tehe WOOOO...WEEEKENDDDD...please hurry!

and mimi...HURRY BACK TO BR! tehehe j/j

mimi said...

my doctor's appt went well. i lost a total of 23.5 lbs. my next appointment is in january. he gave me a strict diet until then. WHAt a crazy month! i'm soo excited. i lost two lbs this week. =DDDD

imma be back. don't worrrry