Thursday, October 14, 2010

We'll All Float On

Ben Lee's cover for Modest Mouse's Float On

I love this cover!! Heard it on Pandora on the other day and fell in loveeee! Oh, I love Pandora too!! Hehehe...

Moving on to my most recent battle or struggle. According to the words of ex-hunny bun, I've been "freaking out about not freaking out."!
Basically, this past summer I've been able to alter the way I view anger or stress. I saw how unnecessary and polluting it was to the universe.
I am much more tranquil these days and you would think that's great news but I'm so chilled now my grades are falling!!!
I used to freak the fuck out when exam time rolls around. The fear pushed me to study. I'm so relaxed now..I'm not motivated to do shit.
My latest battle... finding balance within myself.
I need to start freaking out again!!


Rose said...

bahaha u been hanging with me too much! but i thought u didn't freak out about test...that you go in with an ease...haha Well...goodluck lil lady! PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER so we can PLAY PLAY PLAY! Until n i are both entering the battle field! I got yo back! hahaha <3 u...hope u have a great day! :)

Phamtastic said...

Oh Hongie!! You're not rubbing off on me..haha don't worry. It's because of me finding that inner peace... so much peace ...I just want to chill and not do shit!!
I don't freak out when I take the exam.
I freak out when I study!!!
Thanks for the push! 8) Good luck to you too. Love you!!!