Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Happiness is not a goal to achieve.
It is not the end of a long journey.
It is not a treasure you uncover.
It is not a feeling you feel forever.
It is not an object you have to find.
Happiness is simply a state of mind.

That’s my amateur attempt at poetry..hahaha no wonder I quickly dropped that class some summer ago. For those that didn't really grasp what I was trying to get across, and I don't blame you because I think a 2nd grader could have written something more impressive..let me elaborate.

I can't tell you exactly how other countries view 'happiness'. However, I do find that in America, happiness is commonly perceived as an end point. Something you achieve or find at the end of an enlightening experience of some sort. Thus, we find ourselves continuously seeking happiness. Seeking to the extent that if we find ourselves 'happiness-less' for just a little while, we run to the nearest psychiatrist and beg for Prozac to make a simple case of the blues go away.

Happiness is an emotion you feel. Exterior stimulants can evoke that emotion. For example, a hug from a loved one, an A on your exam, or winning a million dollars. And when your loved one forgets your birthday or you make a F on your exam or you lose money, you begin to feel unhappiness, sadness, pain. They're just emotions you feel because you are human. I guess where I'm going with all this is that you are not obligated to be happy ALL THE TIME. People feel so obligated about being happy that it becomes stressful to be happy! WTF!?! When you feel happy, enjoy that moment. When you are upset, feel it and let it pass but don't deny it in trying to find some ounce of happiness within your pain. That is simply not the emotion you are feeling at the time and it's okay.

I am not here to promote ugliness. I am not saying it's okay to feel sad and be inconsiderate to those around you. I just want to say..stop seeking happiness...just feel it.. 8)


Rose said...

hey, I am totally LOVING ur 2nd grade level poetry! bahaha ^_^ poetry is what you make of it..it is your own form of expression and I love the way you express yourself from how you dress, the things that come out of your mouth, the looks on your face, and the hugs you give to me! Thank you for sharing your happiness with me and reminding me to live in the moment! ^__^ Oh, and i am so stealing ur selena gomez song...and that dress IS GORGEOUS! tehehe

Phamtastic said...

I sincerely can't even begin to express how happy you make me feel!!! I was reading this in class and I seriously had the BIGGEST SMILE OF MY LIFE on my face. THank you for loving me just the way I am. Thank you for being there. GOD!! Just thank you for being a part of my life! Please never leave me, I would die!!! hahaha I love you to pieces, literally from all the hairs on your head to your stinky toes!
And yes, I want that dress!! 8)