Thursday, September 30, 2010

The First Cut is the Deepest

I would have given you all of my heart, but there's someone who's torn it apart...

Honestly, I don't mind encountering heartache because it teaches one to become stronger. My whole life..I based my actions on the emotions I felt at every moment. Anger, happiness, sadness, I allowed 100% of my raw emotions to show. To think of it, that got me in so much trouble. At the same time, the ones around me were able to capture me in wholesome genuine form. These days, I have much more self-control. I know it's the smartest move, but there are days I just want to scream....something....anything...just to let it out. I feel as if I'm holding so much's all bottled up!

I'm just being a big brat. I feel so free when I can say what I want, feel what I want, do what I want. Sometimes it was at the expense of others, so I know what I'm doing is right. I can't be selfish. I must be considerate of others. At least I keep reminding myself that.

Well, they don't have songs like this without reason...obviously it's a part of life. You are wild and free until someone comes and cuts you so deep it scars (scares) the living crap out of you!! But there's hope...someone that will love you enough to stick around until you  can love again.

Chua oi, bao ve con!! 8)


mimi said...

oh...does this song say it all! are very right. it all happens to any of us...and live and your learn! =D

i honestly want to hike up a nice as mountain (or hill) and just scream my face off...that will be added onto my list of things i want to do. haha

Phamtastic said...

LOL...Mimi!! I am thinking the same thing!! Grand Canyon is definitely top there as a place I want to see before I die. Can you imagine how amazing it'll feel to scream your lungs out there!?!? day day we'll definitely accomplish these things!! 8)