Sunday, September 19, 2010

Smiling Again

I've been writing for the past couple of months out of distraught. For the first time in a while, I am writing from a happy place. This weekend has seriously been a blessing from above. I don't remember the last time I smiled this much. I constantly catch myself giggling throughout the day. Teeheehee!!!!
My stomach is filled with butterflies and my heart is pouncing with joy. I can already tell that this last semester at LSU will be treasured for the rest of my life. Filled with fun memories and experiences.
Started the weekend off right with Fall Fest! My favorite event at LSU. I got the chance to catch up and chit chat with some lovely people..8)
Then spent the whole day Saturday swimming like fishies in a GORGEOUS POOL with the bestest person in the world!! God, we stayed in that pool for like four hours!?!?! We looked like old grandmas by the time we got out..LMAO..
The rest of the night was chilling with the guys beer in hand. Surrounded by phenomenally awesome people shooting some hoops and singing our hearts out playing Rock Band. I think I lost my voice!!

Thank you so much sissy for introducing me to such wonderful people. Thank you for being my guiding light in those times of darkness. Thank you for assuring me and hugging me when fear is written all over my face. Thank you for showing me that the life I dream of is out there, I just have to be patient. Thank you for all the joy you have shared with me. I honestly cannot  imagine life without you. I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!!!!

Sorry if this is a bore for you guys, but I just have to record how wonderful this weekend was for me so I can go back to it every once in a while... and reminisce on the hilarity of my youth. Sigh..such good times.


mimi said...

life is good! there's nothing wrong with talking about it =D....she is amazing isn't she? =P

Phamtastic said...

She most definitely is!! 8)

Rose said...

hey hey now...I can't take all the credit b/c I wouldn't be without you LADIES TOO! :D I FREAKING LOVE YOU GUYS TOOO!!! WOO.I'm SO GAY for you2!!! BAHAHA

Huong- so glad you had a GREAT WEEKEND! LMAO when I read the playing hoops part I literally LOL b/c we..Keng really..broke the damn thing! ahaha ur post really made me SMILE! THANK YOU!