Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tired of my Hair

I am so bored with my hair and need ideas quick!! I was thinking of going pixie short for a while but changed my mind because I remembered what a pain in the butt it was for my hair to grow out so I don't think I'm ready to chop it all off...just yet. For the new year I had side swept bangs and it entertained me for a while until it grew out. Now I'm back to the middle split, which I'm quick satisfied with just because I can pull it off. I'm thinking about getting blunt bangs. I had blunt bangs when I had shorter hair but wasn't too fond of it, now that my hair is longer maybe I can pull it off better??

I don't want anything too drastic but definitely craving a change. Any ideas!?!

I'm thinking about blunt bangs like the girl in the middle.

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