Friday, February 25, 2011

You Are a Fast-Food Restaurant

"I loved you so much that I thought someday that you could change but all you brought me was a heart full of pain..."

I truly value my relationships with the people that have gained my trust and love. Though I admit I'm quite gullible, it's not an easy task to acquire my trust. Very few have succeeded and it breaks my heart when those rare relationships fall apart. However, I'm not here to rant about how I vow to never trust again or how I might build a brick wall around my heart. No, I'm here to talk about acceptance. When a relationship ends, you can sit there and think about all the energy, time, and efforts you put in. You can get angry at how you tried so hard, or that you loved so much, or you gave so many. You can allow the resentment to soil and blacken your tender heart.

Or you can accept the fact that you gave it your all, your 100%, correction 110%. You have no regrets. A slight dusting of the shoulder and you can move forward with no thoughts of looking back.

So sure, you did do a lot for that person...for all the right reasons. You wanted to be a good friend, lover, daughter, sister, brother, whatever. You did the best you could have, and that's all that matters.

When relationships end, it's not necessarily a failure on anyone's part. Usually, they end due to differences. Differences of values, beliefs, lifestyles, morality, principles, etc. Sometimes, two people are just too different to make it work.

Regardless of why or how it ended, the reality is people come and go. You are like a fast food restaurant in a sense. Some will drive-thru, some will sit in, some will work there for the rest of their lives. Accepting the inevitable is easier than fighting against it.


mimi said...

Perfect post! I know I gave my all...GIRL!!! <3 By just being you and doing your best is all you can do, period. Life is live learn and move the hell on.

Phamtastic said...

Exactly and it's a wonderful thing once we learn that, isn't it!?!? lol