Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Meet the Parents

Yes, the ever so nerve-wrecking moment everybody dreads has appeared sooner than expected- yesterday I met the rents. Just 1.5 months into our newly developed relationship, I most definitely debated whether I was ready to meet them. But what could be better than meeting the very people from which your lover stemmed from? Their values, beliefs, good looks and charm, their very existence is all thanks to these two special individuals. It went well to say the least. I hid behind him as the front door opened and shyly greeted them. They was so kind though and the butterflies soon went away.  I even got to chit-chat with his mom alone along the Biloxi coastline as we discussed life and I got insight into the way she thinks as well as him. It's a totally different bonding experience when you meet family.

I especially enjoyed our ride to his rents and back. Listening to music and resting on his shoulder, talking and laughing. Like I said, it's only been 1.5 months but I feel like we've known each other so much more than time can offer. We had our 'what are we exactly?' talk again...and of course I told him the title does not mean anything to me, that we make each other happy, that I belong to him completely and that's all that matters..

You see title or not, my love for him will not be more or less. My heart doesn't need a title to feel complete. All I need is for him to treat me well. All I want is loyalty, faith, and trust. All I want is peace, happiness, and joy. And so far..he's done a wonderful job...8)

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