Monday, February 21, 2011

I See You

My blog has become somewhat of a journal consisted of me recording the special moments I have with my ong gia (old man), that's what I call him 8)
And though this information may be meaningless and borderline vomit-inducing to others, it is crucial that I record the noteworthy times I very much cherish. This is the first time in my life I feel so at peace with another human-being, I want to be able to recollect it anytime I want.

If you even semi-know me, you know that religion means the world to me.  Though I look for other things such as compatibility in my relationships, similar religious background is absolutely necessary for me to even consider marriage.

Well, my ong gia went to church with me today so he can get a glimpse of the world through my eyes. The best part was that he offered to come with. It was so cute...his observing eyes scanning the church's architecture, his confusion as we kneel, sat, stood up, etc., him asking about the Eucharist, him holding my hand during 'Our Father' prayer. I couldn't help but smile the whole time.
I greatly appreciate his efforts and beautiful open-mind. I appreciate that he wanted to get to know me actively by checking out the source of my morals and values.
I never plan or even dare dream of him converting. He is who he is and I respect that. Regardless, it meant the world that he was so willing to venture into my world. No matter what our future holds, I will hold him dear in my heart.  He is a very selfless individual and I pray to God that he will bless my ong gia with a successful life rich in joy, peace, love, wealth, and health. He deserves it all and more!!

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