Thursday, December 23, 2010


Isolation may sound a bit scary and lonesome, but it's absolutely necessary in many life situations. We all, at one point or another, have to learn to isolate our problems/issues. People have the tendency to allow one life situation affect all other aspects of their life and then wonder why everything in their life is falling apart. It's because so many of us don't have the skills or methods to isolate our problems.

For example:
You failed an exam, you are so upset you decide not to study for another exam you have the following day...I think what happens next is obvious.
What should you have done?
Be upset, let it all out, then recollect yourself. Think of what you did wrong and promise yourself to fix it for the next exam. Then snap out of it and start studying for tomorrow's exam so you don't repeat your mistakes.


You got in a fight with your boyfriend, you are pissed the fuck off. Again, do not let it affect other areas of your life! DO NOT go throw your shit and anger on other people. When you fight with someone, the problem lies solely between you and that particular person. Other people should not have to suffer from your inability to control yourself.

Imagine it as physically putting a bubble around one problem and not allowing it to escape. When you learn to isolate your problems, you'll find that you will solve it quicker because you are not distracted. You won't be worrying about 1000000000 other things. Learn to separate yet balance life. It will tremendously cut down on stress, especially during the holiday seasons! 8)

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