Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Not Christmas Without You

OMG!! Christmas is in a week and I'm no where near done with Christmas shopping! Shoot me!! This will be my first Christmas alone, not that I remember past Christmas to be any more pleasant. An argument or some form of disturbance always appeared around the holiday seasons. No drama I hope this year, but a cup of loneliness instead. Boooooo


Rose said...

tehehee U GOT ME!!! :D Christmas doesn't seem much like xmas this year....but surely once it get ssuper cold and we're all wrapped up in our winter coats with rosy cheeks it will be more like xmas! :D OMG...TOMORROW IS THE SUPER DUPER BIG DAY! I can't wait to see you my dear!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Phamtastic said...

<3 8) and you are all I need!!! Teeheehee!!! I know... Christmas.. is so boring this year. maybe it's b/c we're getting older?!?! I want to be 5 again damn it!!

EEP!!!! I can't wait to see you guys either.. I"M SO EXCITED I BARELY SLEPT!!