Monday, January 10, 2011

Don't Let Me Go Tonight

 I love coming across awesome music randomly! No lies, her name caught my attention, the beautiful and talented... Lykke Li!

"Watch my back so I make're right behind me as before...yesterday...the night before...tomorrow..."

Now onto something, well more so someone that has been keeping me smiling non-stop. I feel so blessed to have started the new year off with this wonderful human being. He turned out to be a completely different person from what I expected! Without a doubt we have our differences but the one thing we do have in allows us to bond in a way I have yet to experience with anyone else. We both are the type of people that will give everything on our backs and beyond for our loved ones. Hence, I have yet to feel a bit of dissatisfaction towards him. I feel safe, secure, respected. I feel that he is thinking about me as I am about him. I sense that he misses and yearns for me as I do for him. He's a gift I shall cherish for as long as possible. The thought of him makes me jump for joy! I trust that my heart is in good hands...8)


mimi said...

lykke li is amazing!!! love love love

aww..i'm so glad 2011 is starting off really well for you! totallly deserve it all baby!!

Phamtastic said...

Have you heard "I'm good, I'm gone"? OMG... phenomenal!!

Thank you! I'm glad it's starting off awesome too lol I want to make the best of Baton Rouge before I go away.. 8)

Rose said...

TY love! Yes...I am sure great things await all of us! Can't wait to make more memories in this new year! :D act like you are gonna be shipped off to china or something! hahhaa But I know being there with school will seem like you are locked up far far away! >_< 2 MONTHS til the test....FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!!! YOu got this in the bag :) I <3 you...thank you again...for being my buddy! :D

Phamtastic said...

I am being shipped off!! lol I want to be shipped off!!! That's a good thing! I"m so nervous about it...i'm freaking about again... EEPPPP!!!

<3 you toooo!! And thank you for being my sissyy!!