Friday, January 7, 2011

The Way I Am-Truly and Fully

The first couple of months determine the fate of your relationship to follow. This is the time you learn most about one another along with building a social contract aka setting expectations. Therefore, it is crucial to be as honest as possible with who you are to your partner. Part of the reason why lovers fall apart or start fighting months down the line is because either one or both parties involved have put on a facade during the beginning..only to let certain aspects of themselves slip out slowly and gradually. Typically, the beginning consists of females dressing to her best capabilities and being sweet as sugar... the guy performing similar acts. Then both parties start slacking off once they 'got' their significant other. One day, they look at each other and feel as if they are looking at a completely different person.
Don't you want your partner to fully accept who you are? Why play foolish games and use trickery to capture their hearts?
Be obnoxiously you, hide nothing... for if they can't accept who you truly are, they're not worth your time one bit. It's better to learn that from the very start.
I spent months debating on whether I should join many in playing those games or stick to exposing first hand who I am. It was nice to test out different perspectives but I'll be sticking to being me from here on out.. 8)

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