Monday, January 24, 2011

Stop Handicapping

I have a huge tendency to handicap people. Not even because I have a deep desire to help others, it's mostly due to guilt I would otherwise feel if I don't help people. I just have this philosophy that if I'm capable...why not? If I am capable of helping you, why not? If I am capable with putting up with your verbal abuse, why not? If I am capable of bearing your bullshit, why not? Why not...why not...why not...

And today I will tell you why not. Because even though you're capable, you are not doing them any good. Every time my brother (and his family) has any form of paperwork that needs filling, I seem to be on speed dial though his kids are more than capable of filling it themselves. Or every time people mistreat me and I forgive them at the speed of light. They never quite learn any lesson at all and repeat the offense. You see..these acts enable my loved ones to continue either using me or acting up.

As much as it pains me, I cannot continue handicapping people. It's time to teach them how to fish, instead of feeding it to their mouths.

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