Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Timing is Everything

So recently an ex-crush from the past contacted me for a lunch date. Well...being madly in love with the old man, the lunch date was obviously out of the question. But the situation begs me to question, what is the most important factor that contributes to the fate of two individuals that want to share even a little bit of their lifetime together?  Hm... I got to say timing is everything.

If this guy would have chosen his contact time more wisely, his chances at winning my heart would have increased ten folds. But since he picked one of the worst times to make the move...his shot at love is at approximately zero chance, zero percent.

Even for the old man and I, the timing was perfect. If either one of us were to make the move at any other given time, our shot at love would have decreased dramatically.

This goes to show we must be wise at managing our time, because it makes all the difference in the world. Not with just relationships, but every aspect of our lives. When we eat, sleep, study, work, party..all of it has an effect on our lives.

Yeah, I could possibly sit here and ponder on what it would be like to be with that guy or how things would turn out but why? I'm so completely satisfied with my old man, no one could possibly tamper with his significance. I'm committed to that old geezer 100% and wouldn't want it any other way...8)

Timing has done me well..

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