Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Wish Come True...

She truly is a wish come little bundle of tiny bite-size munchkin... <3
Yet, she's getting so big, so quick! I still remember holding this little 10 lb baby and just look at her now..she even has her ears pierced!  I'm so grateful that her parents would give me the privilege of being their little girl's god-mother.

Truly, nothing beats having this big brown-eyed princess laughing and smiling back at you after a tickle session.

Indeed, life has been very kind to me as of late. 
-I got a new job, yes...about time! It will be part-time and just for pocket change until I'm done with my MCAT, then I can go beast mode in bread-making so I can TRAVEL all summer!!! Well, that's the plan at least.
-I've gained quick a few pounds since school ended. More sleep + more food + less stress = more fat! Haha..thank goodness I've joined the gym with the old man so this extra baggage should be taken in of in a month-two months TOPS.
-Old man loves and treats me very well...I'd do anything for that geezer!
-And the obvious-a beautiful little baby girl that makes my heart flutter with happiness.

There's not a day that goes by where I don't feel grateful for what the Lord has given. I look around and all I can see are the beautiful people that I love very much. I couldn't ask for more. 

Just a quick update for my readers..thank you for following me all along. I hope my amateur writing skills have entertained you thus far and will continue to do so... 8)


mimi said...

omg!!! she is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! girl, work that bod!!! ^_^

Phamtastic said...

thank you Mimi!! That little thing is the LOVE OF MY LIFE!!! lol

And I will try to work this bod, takes some getting use to!!