Sunday, November 7, 2010

Be Conscious

I've been working for the past couple of months on becoming aware and conscious of my surroundings. Actively analyzing my body, thoughts, and actions  have allowed me to stay calm and think of the best way to speak and approach people/life in general. However, for the past few weeks I stopped my constant stream of consciousness and became solely dependent on my emotions. There were moments of happiness when I receive good news, but most of my time was spent dwelled in insecurities. Thank goodness I was able to snap out of it today. Hopefully, I can begin restoring my consciousness again. It's a dark and scary place to reside.

Certain familiar situations can bring me back to that place. As long as I stay away from those all too familiar places and keep developing my consciousness, I think in time I will be able to confront my inner demons without fear. Until then, day one of my journey begins tomorrow...once again working towards being present in every moment so I don't get lost in my emotions.

For the people that I have mistreated in the past few weeks....please forgive me. I experienced a minor weak point.. give me time to regain my strength and I shall be enjoyable to be around again....8)

Update: Thanks to my wonderful bestest friend in the world, I've found the perfect suit!!! Time to organize my answers..EEEPPPPP!!!!


Rose said...

haha I loved it when we were in the middle of the parking lot jumping up and down! ^__^ I was so relieved finding your suit went so couldn't have gone any better! YAY! To the little lady that deserves the best...because she works for the best...I can't wait for the interviewers to see how great of a person you are...and all your qualifications of course! :) You're gonna be AWESOME!!! One more week! AIYAH!!! Oh...and thanks for babysitting my big drunk ass this weekend! haha So much fun! :P

Phamtastic said...

The series of positive events has definitely lift my spirits. I am so excited!!! Thank you so much for always being the supportive and wonderful friend that you are. You must have been my lucky charm, b/c I really didn't think finding my suit would be that easy 8)
I hope they see it in me too!! Because I know I've got what it takes and the heart for the job!
LOL, no and Tom watched you sleep peacefully on the couch. It was WAY much fuN!! I can't wait to hang out with them again. I adore them!!!

Rose said...

thank goodness I was not drooling! :D tehee
always there for you...just as you are for me! ^_~