Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jumping for Joy!!

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh my gooooodnessssss!!! I received my first invitation to a medical school interview today!! I can't even express how happy I am!! 8)
I just turned in my applications like two weeks ago!!! AH!!! Time to go suit-shopping!
Regardless of what happens, I'm proud of myself for getting this far. I'm going to give it my best shot. If I don't get in, trust that they will see my face again next year!!
OMG, it's happening... everything I have been working so hard's finally happening.

So I've updated my family with the awesome news and all I got was..
Mom- "Oh thank God'
Brother- "Good luck."
Other- no response

There are times when I wish Asian people would be a bit more supportive and encouraging of their children instead of just expecting their kids to do well!! Never too old for a hug people!! >8[


mimi said...

OMG!! CONGRATS! i know you are sooo excited! great things happen to grat people girl! =))

Phamtastic said...

Thank you MImi!! I am so excited I want to piss my pants!! LMAO!!! I'm so nervous but I can't wait to show these people that I'm going to be a great doctor and they need to accept my ass so I can be on my way!! 8)

How are you!?! Update me!! I know you started working out!!!! EEP!!

mimi said...

GIRL you can be my doctor!! Dr. FEEL GOOD! LOLOLOL!!

go get your outfit..put on that face..and you will conquer!

i'm doing fabulous!!! we may be having a great week together! i've lost 10 lbs since my last doctor's visit...hehe..working out is slow, but girl...its going GREAT!!

Phamtastic said...

Girl..I can be your Dr. Feel Good anytime.. no certification needed for that ;)

10 lbs!?!? OMG you shedding them dogs off your body huh?!?! HAHA JK!! Awesome job Mimi!! You keep going no time..I will get to see my sexy Mimi in a sexy mini!! 8)

mimi said...

hehehe..they really are shedding though..=)

asian parents are like that...they just don't know how to show it...but we know they're proud.