Friday, November 5, 2010

Go Get It

Throw five exams on me in one week... sure...I freak out a little. But it takes me a quick second to snap out of it. I don't need anyone to remind me otherwise.

Throw at me a couple of conflictual relationships and I'm doomed for life. As much as I love people, when relationships aren't working out, I easily become overwhelmed. I'm not talking about just romantic relationships, any relationship, whether it be my mother, my friends, my lovers, etc. There are some things in life we find hard to handle, this is it for me...relationships.

Especially right now while I'm going through times of change. I'm trying to figure out my life and conflicts in relationships just distract me from what I need to do. Thank God the ex-hunny bun straightened my ass out. I was freaking the freak He just had to remind me, think of your big picture, are those people in your picture, if they are... you know what to do...if they're know what to do. Sometimes I have to stop complicating things and just make a decision.

What is it that I want? Figure it out ... then go get it... 8)

On a side note:
At times, your loved ones will get insecure, their egos will consume them and they'll do the one thing they know how to protect their ego....they will put you down to make them feel better about themselves. Forgive them...continue to love them..but contact should be lessen because you are not a fucking punching bag.

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