Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Insecurities Be Gone!

Though this song might be taking it to the extreme, I do feel that Christina has a point. What's her point? Fucking love yourself!
EVERYONE, yes I said it, EVERYONE is insecure to some degree. Let me tell you something people, stop! Insecurities are most easily sensed. It's irritating low, negative, self-destructing energy that can be detected from across the room. Let alone the people close to you. Have you ever questioned yourself? What reasons do you have to be insecure?
You are all you got. You might have friends, family, shelter, nice clothes, possessions, whatever. Those things can be taken away from you, you can be stripped clean. You, however, cannot be taken away from you. You will always be there for you.
Therefore, be the bestest friend you can be for yourself. Be supportive, loving, caring, encouraging, be whatever your little heart desires for yourself. Stop the nagging, the jealousy, the blaming, the victimizing, stop being a little bitch.

However, do not be a cocky self-asbsorbed ass just masking your insecurities by a utilizing an unnecessarily large ego. Be at peace with yourself, be grateful for who you are. Accept the components you cannot change about yourself, and improve the parts you can.  Just love yourself and be the best you can be...8)


Rose said...

A-A-A-AMEN to that SISTER! lol Oh hey, does this make me look fat??? BAHAHA I <3 you! We got one life to live...and I am so happy to share it with you! My baby getting so grown! :D tehehe lets see....13 more dayS!!! AHHHHH!!!!!

Phamtastic said...

8) you so funnyyyy!! She sure is getting mighty big!! She's about to be a mommy!! LOL I'm super duper grateful to share my life with you also sissy!