Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Trip Around the Sun

Hear 'em singing Happy Birthday
Better think about the wish I made
This year gone by ain't been a piece of cake
Every day's a revolution
Pull it together and it comes undone
Just one more candle and a trip around the sun

I'm just hanging on while this old world keeps spinning
And it's good to know it's out of my control
If there's one thing that I've learned from all this living
Is that it wouldn't change a thing if I let go

No, you never see it coming
Always wind up wondering where it went
Only time will tell if it was time well spent
It's another revelation
Celebrating what I should have done
With these souvenirs of my trip around the sun


Yes, I'll make a resolution
That I'll never make another one
Just enjoy this ride on my trip around the sun
Just enjoy this ride ...
Until it's done

This song pretty wraps up how I feel about birthdays and the life lessons I've learned ... 8)
I'm just enjoying this ride on my trip around the sun.

Today marks my living on this planet for 21 beautiful years. There were moments of bliss, moments of pure misery, and moments of plain boredom. I don't regret one bit of it because all this living made me who I am today. The people I have met, the people that have left. The dreams I have dreamt, the dreams I have accomplished,  the dreams I have yet to reach, the dreams I will continue to dream. All these experiences and encounters has a purpose in all this crazy madness.

My bestest friend in the world made my birthday truly a special and blessed one. Her love and attention to detail. Her time and effort. How could I ever repay someone that brings such joy to my life? I am so glad we fixed our little bump. True friends are the ones that are comfortable enough to expose their ugliest side just so they can make up and remind each other of the love they share. Their love can solve anything if both are willing. I am ever so grateful for all you have done and taught me.

When the balloon flew away, it didn't sadden me because a pink puffy thing flew away. I was sad because it felt like I lost the love you took to pick it out for me. I know that's not true though because what matters the most is the memories I made with you today. Thank you again sissy. I love you.

Silly I know, but almost 90 wonderful people stopped by facebook/email/text to wish me a happy birthday. Some people might think it's not much, but it means the world to me that people would take even a split second of their time just to wish someone else well.This world is filled with beautiful and loving people. I am blessed to have experience such kindness.

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