Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Time to Share Good News

Halfway through... well more like almost there.. I had my interview today and I would say it went fairly well. The interviewers were really friendly. The interview was really laid back and conversational in style. Now it's just time to wait for THE LETTER.

I can't believe there's just three weeks left of school and I'll be done with undergrad FOREVER!!!! YIPPY!! Pretty proud of myself for getting out a semester early...

Then the best news of all, I'm going to be a ..GODMOTHER!!! My beautiful soon-to-be goddaughter's name is Neleh and she is getting baptized in December. I am so honored to have this privilege.

Just wanted to share my good news with you guys!!
If you know anyone that have questions about med school, feel free to give them my info. I would love to help anyone I can and share my knowledge now that I've gone through the process.

Oh, my birthday is coming up in two weeks!! I'll be turning 21 so no more fake ids!! YAY! lol 

Birthday-Neleh's Baptism-Graduation 

Ever so grateful for the life I've been given... and I owe it all to the good Lord above...

OH! Let's not forget about my favorite holiday coming up also- CHRISTMAS!! 

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