Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Everyone Deserves a Chance

What do I wish to acquire in life?
The strength to love everyone regardless of their background or character.
Love is more than a belief or a set of pretty words, it involves action.
Sure..it makes us feel good to say we love someone to appear like the bigger person. However, if we do not show the love, our words mean nothing more than some self-absorbed mechanism of justifying 'I'm a good person, I love them, but...'
Pure bullshit if actions aren't there to back up your claim.
Regardless of one's history, have faith in them. Life is filled with opportunities to change/improve and having supportive people in one's life can initiate the first step.
Therefore, everyone deserves a chance, maybe even multiple chances because sometimes all someone needs is another person to believe in them. If I want to do that for someone, I have to stop judging and start encouraging, stop speaking and start acting.


Rose said...

love you my little ray of sunshine! :D

Phamtastic said...