Thursday, July 15, 2010

All in God's Hands

The day has finally arrived. Come 8am Friday morning, I will be sitting in a cold quiet room staring at a computer screen for 4-5 long hours-you've guessed it, the darn MCAT. YIKES! I utterly dislike talking about the MCAT with others because I have to admit it's one of my weakest points. There are a series of different tasks to conquer when applying for medical school. The core ingredients, however, is a good GPA, good MCAT score, and volunteer experience. Undoubtedly, I have an excellent GPA and impressive volunteer background history. Those components were easy to cover because, honestly, academia is my thing and who doesn't enjoy volunteering-it's one of the most rewarding experiences ever. But I cringe every time I hear 'MCAT'. It's not that the test is impossible. I've just never been more uninspired in my life. I definitely did not pick the best time to take it. With two summer classes and multiple encounters with failed relationships, I did not have the time or mental state needed to study.

It's so sad because I can't even say I did the best I could. I didn't. I did what I could, but without optimal effort. There is this deep disappointment in myself because I am fully aware of my capabilities. I've always been on top of my game when it comes to school. It's upsetting that I would let life get in the way.

Well this is not the time to put myself down. All I can do is pray, focus, and believe. The rest is all in God's hands...8)

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