Monday, July 19, 2010

Learning How to Heal

I never once met a person that enjoys the feeling of pain. Unless you're a masochist, most people would much rather skip life's heart-breaking experiences, including myself. I'm generally an optimistic person, and I tend to stay positive. But boy, was it hard to laugh, smile, or even feel remotely normal when my heart was broken. I can still remember how bad I wanted the pain to just disappear. I would just stare off into space and not feel anything to ignore any emotion at all. I remember the anger, resentment, hostility, and sadness that filled my days. Some days I just couldn't hold it together, other days I felt perfectly fine. Of course, in the end, my broken heart eventually healed and a state of normalcy was returned.
It's true life's painful experiences could really bring down our spirits, but the healing process is extremely rewarding and liberating in my opinion. Without these experiences, we are unable to learn how to heal, we are unable to become a stronger person. I've learned much about myself during my time of heartache. I learned of the best methods to help me heal faster. I saw how I coped with my emotions. I learned to be more cautious. If it ever happens again, I'll know how to deal with the situation better than before.
The day I woke up and the pain was gone, I swear I heard the angels sing. Every day appeared brighter, the people that cares seemed more important. The good things in life magnified. It was truly a beautiful experience. When I can happily listen to love songs and not want to throw my computer across the room. When I can look at a picture and feel nothing, though the very same photo evoked anger in the past. When I can interact with the person that caused the pain and feel absolutely fine. Nothing can compare to strength I felt when I was able to accomplish those things.
People may say time heals everything. No, time does not heal everything. It's what you do during that time that heals everything. If you just sit there and dwell on the negativity, you may never heal. However, if you utilize that time to learn how you function, you will find the healing process much more productive...8)

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