Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Title

All novelists, journalists, musicians, bloggers, or writer of any sort at one point or another have to find a title for their piece. Some may start with the title and proceed from there or vice versa. Regardless of how one stumbles across it, the importance of the title is evident.

The title embodies your work.

It took me a mere 10 minutes to come up with my title. I started the blog randomly and I'm not really sure what I plan on writing about. I guess I'll have to start writing before I get a feel of why I'm really here...
But in short, I chose 'In Search of Faith and Truth' because those words basically embody my life.
As much as I claim I hate studying, there is much satisfaction to learning something new that comes with it. I love knowledge. I love the truth. No matter how painful, the truth keeps me alive. Though ignorance may be bliss, I much rather live an honest life. One not sugar-coated with lies. A life not left in the ignorant darkness. Life filled with the truth life truthfully, wholeheartedly, fully etc. Everything you feel and see is real. I want my happiness to be real and my sadness to be real. You only live once and quite frankly I'm not here to live it artificially.
Secondly, I believe faith is one of the hardest thing to maintain especially when life knocks you down. However, faith is crucial in keeping relationships alive. Whether the relationship is with God, a friend, a significant other, or yourself. Having faith, the complete confidence or trust in a person or thing as defined by, can be difficult because you can't control the actions of others. Heck, I can barely control my own actions. But faith is what allows you to deeply connect with another person. Two souls align where faith resides. It is the ultimate bond that says I believe in you, I believe in me, I believe in us...

I'll always be in search of faith and truth..the title embodies me. But is this what my blog is about, my search? No idea. We'll have to see where it will take me. 8)

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