Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Who Am I?

I have the most upright respect for people that know who they are. You are on another level of consciousness when you are fully aware of your attributes, your flaws, your actions, your emotions, etc. and you rock it. It's so rare to run into those kinds of people these days because so many people look outwards instead of inwards. People are too concern with what others think of them or they are more concern about what others do instead of themselves. In my opinion, it is important what YOU think of yourself. When you go to bed at night and reflect on your actions throughout the day, are you happy with who you are? That's what matters. Making sure the only person you can control- yourself- left the world a better place.

It takes work to get on that level of consciousness. Because most people have so much doubt in themselves or would just rather ignore their faults. You only live once...seriously...be the best person you can be!

The worst type of people are the ones that got it ALL WRONG. The ones that do so much harm, but declare innocence. The ones that will create chaos and havoc yet truly believe they didn't bring it upon themselves. People that create these false illusions their whole life blaming their shortcomings on others. In reality, it is self-inflicted. Do you hate it when people lie to you? Then don't lie to yourself...
Face who you are, love yourself, and change what you don't like.

Everyday, I work on me. There are days when I'm satisfied. Days when I'm upset at myself. I am nowhere near that level of consciousness but I'm happy with myself because I know I try. What I've realized is though I am just one person. I can still take a stand and make a difference, even with just two small hands...and everyday when I wake, it's another day of attempting to be the best person I can be...8)

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