Sunday, August 22, 2010

Everybody Needs Love

I have encountered some of the lowest points of my life this past summer. It appeared to be a never-ending battle of falling flat on my face and picking myself up again. During my time of instability and constant predicaments, I came to realize that everybody needs love. I can't imagine recovering from my falls as quick as I did if my family and friends were not there to support me.

Lack of love can knock you down and tear you to pieces. The offering of love can pick you up and make you whole. I'm not talking about just 'romantic' love. Romantic love is important when you are ready to date or start a family. However, for the first half of your life, love provided by family and friends is extremely crucial to one's well-being. Orphans, the homeless, the sick, the diseased, the people that are unwanted or outcasted by society...they are hurting and suffering, not only because of their exterior life situations such as living on the streets or the missing an arm and leg...they are hurting because they lack love. They lack the genuine care and feeling of significance from fellow human beings.

I see many children these days growing up in torn homes. Their parents are too busy working or selfishly investing their time elsewhere. I see people argue and differentiate one another on such trivial matters such as race or class. I see people simply turn the other way when others are in trouble.

If we wonder why suicide hotlines, therapist, counselors, psychiatrist are needed in society? It is a mere way for someone to reach out to another person that will show them love and care.

If we wonder why depression and suicidal thoughts even exists, it is due to the fact that so much love is missing in people's lives.

Therefore, be strong and offer nothing but love to the world. Everybody needs love. I do, you do..we all do...

be loving...8)

"Everybody knows the love
Everybody holds the love
Everybody folds for love
Everybody feels the love
Everybody steals the love
Everybody heals with love

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Vu said...

Very well written Huong and I definitely agree. You are beautiful person both inside and out. I enjoy your writings.