Monday, August 30, 2010

You're Amazing Just the Way You Are

This is just the sweetest song ever!! All girls, no matter how cocky she may seem, have insecurities of some sort. We all love compliments, we all love to feel beautiful, we all want to be accepted just the way we are as much as the next girl. Our culture is border line obsessed with outer appearance, the boob jobs, the botox, the belly tucks, the face peels, toe shortening (WTF!?!) etc.
All of us can point out a flaw we would change. I know I can list quite a few...
With such a strong focus on outer appearance, people in society constantly feel judged and scrutinized. It may be quite a paranoia type of experience for many. Songs that sing about big butts and double d's don't really help either, if you know what I mean. Don't get me wrong, that music is great for 'popping that booty' in the club. Sadly, it also affects the way society view beauty and women.
Everyone is beautiful in their own way. What truly matters is not the way a person appears on the exterior, but what is on the interior. Beauty on the outside eventually fades with time and age, but true beauty on the inside shines forever on.

I've been there. The insecurities, the heart ache, the unhappiness that comes along with obsessing with the way I look. I know many others out there are still suffering and I will continue to have my moments of weakness. I just want to let people know that what truly matters is on the inside. What truly matters is the love you can offer the world, the peace you create with your neighbors, and the harmony you have with yourself. I'm not telling you to go and leave your legs unshaven! Presentation, undoubtedly, matters because it shows that you care about yourself enough to present yourself well. I just wanted to point out the old saying 'true beauty lies within.'

I really like this song, one of my friends posted on facebook. I don't know why she used the world 'ugly'...I'm pretty sure there's a better word out there but it's whatever...


Rose said...

THANK YOU...for being you...and reminding others of how BEAUTIFUL they are and having an amazing way of letting those around you truly feel that way too! :) u truly are a bright burning bulb...THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE WHO YOU ARE...please don't ever change...well if u try...I'll come punch you in the eye...make you cry..and hug you can remember! tehehe ^_^

Phamtastic said...

The beautiful thing is you are the same for me!! 8)
You are my special ray of sunshine!!
A large chunk of who I am is a reflection of you so you should be really proud!! 8)
Of course I'll change... but always for the better!! And yes, punch me if it's for the
I LOVE YOU TOO SISSY!!! More than you can imagine!!

Rose said...

PSSHHH...I love u more...MORE THAN U'LL EVER KNOW! lol :P ty, that just made my night! study...booo! i want the weekend to hurry n we can play! baha