Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Book #1 Completed

Finally finished reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

Funny how I stumbled upon the book, I guess you can call it fate or God's doing. The ex recommended The Power of Now and A New Earth, he knew that I would like the latter more so told me to pick that book up if anything. I read a few chapters and decided it was worth the buy. I'm a quarter way done and must say I love love love it! Elaborate later when I'm finished with it. Back to The Power of Now, I needed something to read while on my trip to Miami and lo-and-behold my friend had it. Guess it was meant for me... everything happens for a reason.

The book talks a lot about learning how to be present, to look within, and to end suffering. Reading one book is not going to change my life overnight...lol I wish! However, I must admit the book most definitely explained many lingering feelings or thoughts I could not answer myself. It not only provided explanations, but also solutions. It brought me a sense of awareness that comes with any knowledge. But this type of awareness is special, because it's going to help me deal with many life situations. Supposedly the book is a guide to enlightenment. I would love to be enlightened, but I know I have A LOT of work and it's going to be a daily struggle. I'm just happy to understand myself a bit better. I'm satisfied with being conscious, or my attempt to be, for now. Seriously, go read the book!! If you don't want to do it for yourself, do it for society, do it for the universe! I promise this book will have you awe-struck!

I always knew that improving yourself is the best way to contribute in bettering the world. I didn't take it as deep as the inner core though. I figured working on exterior qualities was enough. You know...volunteer work, be nice to people, compassion, love, work on becoming a 'good person.' The book made me realize that it goes beyond the exterior. You can be this great loving and giving person, but if you're still angry inside ...you are polluting the world with that anger at the end of the day. You have to learn how to be at peace with yourself before anything else.
I suck at explaining...just go read the book!! 8)

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