Wednesday, August 4, 2010


What hurts more than getting hurt yourself is watching the ones you love feel pain. Whether it's a physical injury, a mental, or emotional distraught..whether they're screaming in agony or tears are quietly flowing down their cheeks, words can't even begin to explain the sadness and helplessness you feel as this person you care so much for is hurting. Your heart aches as you question what can you do to cheer this person up? What can you do to lessen the pain? What can you possibly do to help?

It's such a beautiful and rewarding sight for me when I get the chance to see two separate individuals care and love one another. Their recognition of someone/something larger than themselves and their willingness to give the universe and beyond.

A mother kissing her child's booboo, a friend lending a shoulder or an ear, a lover mending a fight..these might appear to be simple acts, but it's just a glimpse of the big heart in all of us willing to sacrifice and offer everything on our backs for one another.

Sure, selfishness is instilled in all of us, as is altruistic tendencies. I just love it when people aren't afraid to let their guard down. When the happiness of others far surpasses the fear of their own potential heart-ache.

We live on and share this planet together, there's nothing wrong with loving and appreciating the world around us.

We all have walls protecting ourselves on a day-to-day basis. But just for one day, try opening your heart to feel the limitless love you can potentially feel for another. Just sit there, look at a friend, stranger, child... don't think about anything at all, just breathe and let your heart feel...the connection, the link, the intangible attraction is amazing 8)

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