Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Fine Line

If you haven't noticed, I typically blog at least once a day. This is my journal. Some days I'm inspired to write about a life lesson, other days I write about something personal. I enjoy writing, this blog is my form of escape.

Now onto something personal.

Have you ever known a wonderful person that can make you laugh, stimulate you intellectually, make you feel comfortable, thinks you're brilliant, thinks you're beautiful, make you feel like a great person, and makes you happy? They can watch a movie with you or play some sports with you. You guys have so much in common yet are different enough to keep it interesting. That person seems almost perfect except for one thing. You guys started out as 'friends' and both know there's a fine line that shouldn't be crossed.

You hear stories about good friends becoming great lovers..and stories about how friendships are ruined when feelings become involved.

How do you know when you should take a chance or keep it friendly?!? Only time will tell...


mimi said...

i say keep it friendly for now...and see what happens a little later. i just realized you were following me! you seriously have a talent for writing..ever consider writing a book?? =D

Phamtastic said...

Mimi!! OMG! That is such a huge compliment! You have no idea!! Thank you so so much...hahah but no I never considered writing a book..I actually hated English my whole life, still do! But I love writing, it's my outlet for all the crazy thoughts I stored in my little brain. hahah

mimi said...

I hated English too. I'm really horrible at Grammar. I do love the occasional writing..though i like ranting and raving the most about writing lol.

you definitely have a feel of enlightenment writing going on. Your blog's name fits it perfectly! keep it up!