Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A New School Year

Today marks the first day of my Fall 2010 semester. As always, I spent half of my day deciding if I'm going to stick to my classes and the other half falling asleep due to lack there of from the previous night. It never fails. First days are always a bit rough due to anxiety and excitement.
I must say I feel rather blessed because I actually enjoy school. I don't mind waking up at 8 am. I don't mind the rush of getting dressed. I don't mind the walks to class. I don't mind the corny jokes my professors try to crack. For some odd reason, I like staying busy and stressed!!

This last semester will be no easy peasy. My classes run straight thru from 9am-3pm, no breaks. All my classes are at least 1.5 hrs long, which is a bit too demanding of my attention span, but it makes up for the fact I only come to school Tues-Thurs.

I reserved Mondays for volunteering with my kids at the hospital and the elderly at church... Thursday-Saturday for working. Then I spend Sunday with my ccd kids! I am quite pleased with how this fall will look. Also excited for my favorite upcoming holidays such as Thanksgiving, my birthday, and my favorite-Christmas!!

Cheers to a new school year...so much to look forward too... 8)

WOO HOO!! Geaux Tigers!


mimi said...

you are beast! just BEAST! lol...good beast though =P

Phamtastic said...

lol...no m'am nothing compared to what you're about to experience!! WOO HOO!!! Get ready to rumble Mimi!! It's going to be EPIC!!

mimi said...

haha..oh god..i'm freaking out right now..i had a nightmare that before surgery..i gained like 100lbs..girl i woke up not happy.