Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Life Full of Coincidences

As a person that believes in fate and destiny, I have to be extra careful to not look into many coincidences that occur in my life. I guess that's how my over analytical tendencies developed. From running into someone unexpectedly in the most random places or coinciding facebook statuses, these awkward moments happen to me all the time. I mean everything happens for a reason right? Wrong! Hence, I have to digest, investigate, and analyze to make sure it was just that-a coincidence.

Due to my extremely hopeful heart, I am always prepared to give anything in life another shot. I am capable of seeing opportunity in everything. It's complete optimism, with a dash of stupidity. It's sad to say the least...someone can burn me into a million pieces but offer me a sincere apology with a hug and I'm all smiles again. What can I say? Everyone deserves a second chance or ten.

Anyhow, with a hopelessly forgiving heart, I will have multiple excitement heart attacks a day if I believed every coincidence was a 'sign' of some sort. People live and learn. I've found my way of coping with it. I try not to assume, I'll find a logical explanation for anything 'twilight zone-ish' that happens to me. Over the years, my desire for an explanation progressed. I never thought of myself as an over analytical person but if multiple people tell you you are..then you probably are! I guess this is me trying to explain why I over analyze.

I am a hopeful person. If I don't use reason and logic, if I don't try to find alternative answers than what my heart wants to believe, my life would be filled with disappointments.

This life full of coincidences is just that...coincidences and nothing more.

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