Sunday, August 8, 2010

Let It Be

Anger, we've all felt it..whether in short bursts or chronically, anger is an emotion shared by the universe. It is contagious, infectious, and deadly.
A lost moment can help pull the trigger.
A daily argument can end with a violent battle.
A possessive disorder can turn into war.
All of which derives from anger. Anger at self, at others, at the world...

We've all felt it...guilty as charged.

I have what's called the 'angry little girl' syndrome. A ticking bomb ready to be set off. You know..the girl you always spot in the corner of your eye. Her eyebrows clinched, arms folded, any second now and she's ready to explode. She whines and bitches about everything and anything. Not a day goes by where she's not complaining. Isn't it aggravating, irritating, just plain exasperating?!?! She's frustrated, you're infuriated..right there, in that moment, two pissed the f--k off people making the world a shitty place.

Took me a while to envision it in such a way, but that's what I did for the longest time. Didn't realize it at the time, but I was just this silly girl wanting to make the world a better place yet polluting it with such negative feelings. Anger didn't resolve my problems, anger didn't ease my pain, anger didn't make anything any better. I guess it can be perceived as a tragedy, I have always allowed myself to feel anything my little heart, soul, mind, or body desired. When I'm happy, I'm on cloud 9. When I'm excited, I can pee my pants. When I'm sad, I swim in sorrow. When I'm angry, I raise hell and havoc. You get the picture...

Well I'm glad to say Huong has yet to learn another life lesson. YAY!

Let it be...three simple words I'll carry with me for the rest of my life.
I'm not saying you can't be angry at all. Sometimes people just really piss you off and you have to scream, "I HATE YOU MOTHER F--KER!!" Yes, let it out, then go take a breather, and just let it be. Do not let anger consume you. Do not replay the situation in your head over and over again. Do not analyze. Do not question. Do not resist. Suffering and pain only comes when you allow it to. Next time you feel angry, just stop and think. Is being angry really helping? Is it going to solve anything? You'll soon realize the answer is no. There's always going to be someone/something out there that can make you angry. The question is how do you want to deal with it. Do you want to dwell on your anger or just let it go? Sometimes it be that way. Resisting it won't help. You just have to accept the situation for what it is, and let it be...8)

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